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April 22, 2005 by Weaksid
JibJab did it again. Just not with politics this time

Check out the link
April 20, 2005 by Weaksid
I'm trying to figure out what app will help me more to organize all my shortcuts. Example would be like the link I provided. If you look to the right on my screenshot, you can see how I had my shortcuts organized. I want a app to do the same thing. I've found if something happens the wrong way, I lose my organization of how I have the shortcuts setup. Can anybody give me some suggestions?
January 29, 2005 by Weaksid
Yes, I would like to know if anybody uses Fireworks and knows how to shrink the output file size? It seems like a 3kb graphic ends up being 41kb and for a skin, that seems to add up.
August 7, 2003 by Weaksid
On August 1st, Cerulean Studios released a public beta testing of Trillian 2.0 pro. This is currently only open to members paying for 1.0 pro.

.74 Client: Came directly from their site - "Those customers currently using Trillian .74D - our next release will be focused on updating our free client. This build is currently in testing and will be released after Pro 2.0."

This is a program you should at least look at the tour for. Just click on the link and view it.

Small list of new feature...